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A new economic model with a higher purpose

We are united under the conviction that it is time for the private sector to step up and embrace its responsibility by enabling the economy to take on social and environmental challenges. This can be carried out through socio-economic transformation into a good business, incorporating purpose, shared vision, shared value and sustainability (both environmental sustainability and corporate sustainability). This new model injects the business aspect into social entrepreneurship, while also reaching further than Corporate Social Responsibility.


Overcoming the tragedy of the commons

Meeting the needs of the many, not only of the few is our key requirement for economic success. Our name Allmende refers to the common land, our Earth which sees its natural resources depleted for short-term interests, rather than focusing on renewable resources.


To overcome this tragedy of the commons, instead of having people act independently by their own self-interest, we unite forward-thinking business leaders who are committed to sustainability and sustainable investment strategy. Development strategies incorporating the bottom line of People, Planet and Profit create success that is sustainable in the long run, that is our belief.


Prioritizing purpose is of special importance as Millennials and Gen Zers are starting to take over as influential consumers and employees. As they see their social mission to promote peaceful and inclusive communities, businesses can shape themselves to attract these generations as clients and talented employees. This can be achieved by clearly communicating a purpose, one that goes beyond the accumulation of wealth and is heavily connected to impacting lives through products and services. Good businesses are social enterprises - they drive growth through social innovation and purpose through impact. 


Driving prosperity and growth

By enriching their communication and marketing efforts with purpose and sustainable development goals (SDGs), businesses who do good, do better. 




of CEOs believe integrating a clear core purpose enables their companies to generate better value for customers, leading to higher customer loyalty. As proven by research from the Harvard Business Review.


of top executives believe infusing a clear shared vision, and core purpose enabled their companies to stand out as an employer brand capable of attracting top talent.


of top executives think companies with a strong sense of purpose innovate better. 


of CEOs believe an integrated purpose can clearly inspire innovation.


Allmende plays a central role in helping our members meet their business and social objectives, using an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable approach. Through business consulting, business innovation services and our social innovation lab, we unite forward-thinking business leaders to drive prosperity and growth in their respective industries.




Get in touch with us today in order to get expert support in connection with an agenda for sustainable development and be part of the driving force of good businesses!


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