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While change is never easy and even scary sometimes, socio-economic transformation creates holistic and long-lasting success worth every effort. Our member’s experience as well as recent studies show improved results in vital KPIs for any business. 


Good Businesses grow faster

Socially driven businesses have outperformed S&P 500 by more than 10 folds between 1996 & 2011.


Good Businesses are stronger brands

88% of CEOs believe integrating a clear core purpose enables their companies to generate better value for customers, and higher customer loyalty.


Good Businesses acquire better talent

72% of Top executives believe infusing a clear shared vision, and core purpose enabled their companies to stand out as an employer brand capable of attracting top talent.


Good Businesses’ Employees are more engaged

When surveyed - millennials, who highlighted they believe they are working for purposeful companies - are 5.3 folds more likely to stay versus those who don’t feel a clear company purpose.


Good Businesses attract the next customer segments

79% of surveyed business leaders see a clear correlation between purpose and business success, in addition to 75% that clearly believe that infusing purpose enables both short term and long term value creation.


Good Businesses’ are more innovative

Companies with a strong sense of purpose innovate better according to 53% of top executives who prioritized purpose, said their companies are doing great with innovation. While 63.5% of CEOs believe an integrated purpose can clearly inspire innovation.

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